Administrative Bans

These are bans that are applied to those who have registered for Christian Chat Community, and or:

  • We have received a delivery failure notification that the email could not be delivered. This can occur for a non-existent email address, or simply an email address that will not recieve our emails.
  • A user has registered with a disposable email address (from a domain that issues disposable accounts).
  • A member has requested to come off the mailing list.
  • A user has attempted to register an unsuitable, defamatory, or offensive name.

This is in breach of Terms of Service Item 2.

2. Only the members who have registered with a valid AND contactable e-mail address are permitted in all community areas. Registration with a false email address is grounds for immediate blocking of access to this site; (this means you will not be able to access the site to chat). It is all member’s responsibility to update and maintain a valid AND contactable email address, with their membership. Also, it is a condition of membership to be contactable at the discretion of the site. While the site recognises that its your choice whether or not to receive site updates; if you request deletion from the site’s mailing list, you will immediately forfeit access to the community. This is a legitimate attempt at online community, and two way communication is a pre-requisite to community. All registrations with invalid or uncontactable email addresses will be placed on immediate Administrative Ban.

An Administrative Ban will also apply if a member breaches Terms of Service Item 5. Namely contacting the site owner outside of the site for issues to do with the site.

5. This is a not for profit site staffed entirely by volunteers. You are expected to address any requests for assistance, whether it be for ministry or technical assistance with appropriate perspective and respect. You will not send a private message and or harass or ask any volunteer for any information regarding a site position. Nor for any personal information about any other site member. You do not pay to use this site so you are expected to show patience and respect to our volunteers. You are NOT to contact the site owner through channels off the site for technical assistance. Failure to abide by this will result in an immediate Administrative Ban.

Known Issues With Mail Domains:

The following email domains do not accept email from Christian Chat Community. As more domains are known they will be listed here. If you have supplied an email address from one of the following domains, and are wondering why you are not receiving emails or responses from us, the problem is most likely at your end. To resolve this you need to supply us with a “contactable” email address before you are removed from administrative ban.

  • Some Comcast Domains in Florida
  • AT&T (confirmed to be on their block list)
  • BellSouth (affiliated with AT&T and their block list)
  • AOL (rejects our emails)
  • denies access
  • (possible inclusion on block list)
  • Unconfirmed issues with Suddenlink
  • (this is a disposable email service)
  • is a disposable email service)
  • Outlook

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