Chatroom Rules

  1. There will be no slander or attack on other members: no grievances no past issues or personal issues from personal experience, and any other chat rooms can or will be allowed to be use as reason to slander or defame in any way.
  2. Only Staff are allowed to post links.
  3. No vulgar language, no swearing, no cussing or cursing.
  4. This is not a dating site and if you are here only to use the community to seek a person to date, your membership will be suspended.
  5. No one can presume to teach. Only those who have shown themselves as an approved workman (2 Timothy 2:15) are allowed to teach.
  6. No sending of images that contain policy restricted items or nudity etc – see our Terms of Service
  7. No slander or negative gossip in any form about other Christian sites is allowed. We are all in Christ So unity is Vital!
  8. All Christian chatters are to behave according to biblical standards. The bible being used to justify bad or negative chat will not be tolerated.
  9. No False Teaching or misleading information, Biblical or other wise.
  10. Open room prayer is allowed, but the open prayer cannot contain personal information that could be used against a person in any manner. In such case PM prayer should be requested.
  11. No asking in the open room for any personal information.
  12. Queries about bans and appeals need to be made on the Contact Us page.

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