Terms And Conditions

1. It is a condition of entry that all people visiting this community have read, and will read, and agree to these Terms and Conditions and; it will be assumed and advised and expected that all visiting people have read the Terms and Conditions, completely. The Terms and Conditions (T.A.C) can and will be updated when needed. We advise regular checking of the Terms and Conditions (T.A.C).

2. Only the members who have registered with a valid AND contactable e-mail address are permitted in all community areas. Registration with a false or disposable email address is grounds for immediate blocking of access to this site; (this means you will not be able to access the site to chat). It is all member’s responsibility to update and maintain a valid AND contactable email address, with their membership. Also, it is a condition of membership to be contactable at the discretion of the site. While the site recognizes that its your choice whether or not to receive site updates; if you request deletion from the site’s mailing list, you will immediately forfeit access to the community. This is a legitimate attempt at online community, and two way communication is a prerequisite to community. All registrations with invalid or uncontactable email addresses will be placed on immediate Administrative Ban.

3. Guests can view the chatroom but cannot participate.

4. This is NOT A DATING SITE! If you are coming to this community with the express motivation of seeking a partner, your access here will be restricted. Please have some respect and do not ask any member for any personal information please. Respect their right to privacy and go and pay for, and join a dating site instead.

5. Christian Chat Community reserves the right to refuse the registration of profane, hateful,racist or any other unsuitable name. The site will also refuse to accept names based entirely on unicode. Basically if we cannot pronounce your name, you will not be allowed to register it!

6. This is a not for profit site staffed entirely by volunteers. You are expected to address any requests for assistance to our Contact Us page.

7.You will not send a private message and or harass or ask any volunteer for any information regarding a site position. Nor for any personal information about any other site member. You do not pay to use this site so you are expected to show patience and respect to our volunteers. You are NOT to contact the site owner through channels off the site for technical assistance. Failure to abide by this will result in an immediate Administrative Ban.

8. Community members understand that, notwithstanding our commitment to providing the safest and most Christian values sensitive community environment possible, participating in the online community is still done at one’s own risk. Christian Chat Community cannot be responsible for the safety of children in community areas.

9. The site reserves the right to revoke ChatRoom Memberships on the basis that a chatter has demonstrated over time that they are not in the chatroom for the vision and mission of the site. Members will be notified by email if their chatroom membership has been revoked on this basis.

10. You will not use community areas for any illegal activities or the promotion of illegal activities.

11. Any language, text, data, information, graphics or videos that could be considered vulgar, pornographic, obscene, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, hateful, unlawful; that are racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; or that violate any copyright or other intellectual property rights of any person will not be promoted or transmitted via community areas.

12. You will not harass, threaten, embarrass or distress members, either in the community itself or via any communicable means on the internet/personal email, phone, physical mail or in person. You will not engage in name-calling or personal attacks in the course of discussion or debate. You will not post inflammatory remarks simply for the purpose for evoking reaction or starting fights with other community members (Often referred to as “trolling”). Overall, promoting a spirit of divisiveness in the community areas will not be tolerated.

13. You will not make any negative comments or use any defamatory remarks about other Christian Chat sites in public. Whilst we recognize your right to vent, do so in private. This site respects and agrees with the power of unity in the Holy Spirit with the wider body of Christ and will not be used as a launching point for attacks aimed at other sites.

14. Visitors will not use this site as a venue in any way to engage in any activity in which is designed to win or convert people to any other faith besides Christianity. Any member who may not be a believer in Christianity cannot use the lounge area of the site to mock God.

All non-christian members must acknowledge they have chosen to join the Christian Community. Non-christian members must understand the same principles of biblical resolution will be used. We are a Christian site and while we will endeavor to show the same love towards everyone as Jesus commanded in the first and second greatest commandments (Matthew 22:36-40), we make no apologies for teaching we believe Jesus is the only way to God, and running the online community according to biblical principles.


15. You should always view the online community area as a public meeting place. To the extent possible, all conversations are logged and are the property of Christian Chat Community.

16. Chat conversations can and will be monitored by Staff who will be both anonymous, invisible and formally identified.

17. You will respect other view points in the spirit of, IN ESSTENTIALS UNITY, IN NON-ESSENTIALS LIBERTY, IN ALL THINGS CHARITY! (John Wesley)

18. You will not pretend to be, or impersonate any person in the community.

19. You will not solicit monies or any other goods for the purposes of raising money. If you wish to approach the site for assistance, provide your NPO registration or certificate number to the site owner on the Contact Us page.

20. The discussion of any sexual issues or topics that are not discussed in a serious and responsible manner will not be not be allowed. Speaking about such things in the known presence of a minor will not be tolerated. Any and all flirtatious behaviors or sexual references towards any other chatter, consenting or otherwise, are not encouraged on site.

21. Christian Chat Community reserves the right to determine what forms of Christian “ministry” will occur in community areas and to prohibit at its sole discretion any form of ministry that it deems unsafe in the community. Safe refers to anything that is medically, spiritually, psychologically or legally unsafe to either the site or its chatters. Whilst the site encourages, and relies upon voluntary/lay ministry, it is not a haven for self appointed ministers!

22. This site does not offer counselling.

23. If you are able (have English as a first language and have no learning difficulties), you are expected to help yourself to information relating to queries about this site using the search bar.  When Staff numbers are low, we simply ask this as a courtesy, rather than expecting over worked volunteers to assist you for something you  could easily have done yourself. Repeated failure to abide by this will result in total restriction from the community.

24. Chatters will not use the community area to air grievances, to slander, to mouth off, to deliberately attack a person’s character, to use sarcastic remarks designed to insult and/or enrage another member, to anger or intentionally cause sorrow to any other chatters. Offensive behaviors will not be tolerated. Chatters are expected to read and practice Biblical Conflict Resolution. Cultural differences and language barriers will be taken into account, as appropriate.

Since it cannot be determined if a guest chatter is a christian, and Biblical Conflict Resolution as taught by Jesus was for christian communities, guest chatters will not be afforded the same protections.

Any documented or recorded form of communication off the site that seeks to slander, injure or bear false witness against a community member, or cause any dissention in the community will be used as a witness. While Christian Chat Community is not responsible for conflict arising on another site, and will not enter into that conflict, we retain the right to use evidence off site to decide corrective matters on site.

25. When room numbers are low a person with moderation access may exercise complete discretion over what music is to be played in the Lounge ie. whether that is christian or secular music. Secular music must be of a reasonable nature on any part of the site. It can be played in user created rooms or the Music/Cams room on the choice of chatters. Reasonable nature excludes sexually explicit lyrics, bad language or physically abusive themes, and openly demonic lyrics. The video and voice chat access will not be used to ( Mic hog ) or take over with a self centered agenda, to promote any, or simply to disallow another member from using, for personal gain.

26. Complaints deemed nefarious (evil, immoral, iniquitous, sinful, unethical, unlawful, unrighteous, unsavory, vicious, vile, villainous, wicked, wrong, abuse of process, designed ONLY to distract the site from it’s focus) in nature will NOT be investigated by Staff.

27. Christian Chat Community will delegate certain members as Staff Members in the community areas,to lead, advise, and moderate written and verbal discussions. These members may appear formally identified, or anonymous and invisible to regular site members. All members are required to immediately comply with any staff directive. Staff are identified with various icons beside their names, by the information on their avatars, on the user list in chat rooms, and on the forums. Failure to comply with a staff directive may result in loss of access to the site. If you believe a Staff directive is incorrect you should not discuss it in the community. Instead use the Contact Us page.

28. Christian Chat Community reserves the right to:- edit any discussion, post, or chat room title for any reason at our sole discretion- respond to the violation of any of the above Terms and Conditions with any of the responses available to Community Leaders, Moderators, and Administrators without warning: including involuntary movement to another area, “booting” (involuntary expulsion from the online community), and various forms of prevention of access to all community services including “Private Messages” for any duration of time including permanently at its sole discretion. Your membership may become subject to a restriction at any time. If you find yourself subject to this and wish to have this reviewed you need to seek an Appeal . Biblical guidelines will be used wherever possible, however the site must also consider its resources and capacity to deal with the issues causing the restriction.

29.We also reserve rights- to report any violations of the Terms of Service that are illegal to law enforcement and/or the Internet Community Alliance.- to bar, restrict, block any user including Internet Community Alliance offenders for any reason as well as remove any content or chat rooms at our sole discretion.

30. The site abides by COPPA Legislation. Children under 13 are assumed to have parental consent to be on the site and to provide registration/personal information to the site.

31. If your IP address is listed on the SpamHaus Project Advisory Spamhaus Blocklist, Xploits Blocklist, Policy Blocklist, Domain Blocklist, D.R.O.P List or R.O.S.K.O Lists we reserve the right to ban upon registration. This may also include the S.O.R.B.S List. If you have concerns about potentially being on one of these lists you need to take it up with them at www.spamhaus.org

32. Avatar and profile pictures are not to contain any nudity or suggestions of partial nudity. Male pictures should not be shirtless, and female pictures should show propriety (e.g non cleavage, non mid riff )

33. Whilst we seek to foster co-operative relationships with other Christian chat sites and do not mind them being mentioned; we will not allow anyone to divide or disrupt the leadership, moderators or chat community for the purposes of recruitment to other chat sites. If your sole purpose for coming to ChristianChatCommunity.com is to recruit and/or divide this community you will be banned.

34. If for whatever reason you no longer wish to be part of the community, we will remove you from the mailing list if requested. However, we will not delete your account. It will be retained for investigative purposes.

35. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Southern Cross Web Enterprises,its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensors, suppliers and any third party information providers to the service from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including legal fees, resulting from any violation of this Agreement (including negligent or wrongful conduct) by you or any other person accessing the Service.

36. You agree to our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

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